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16 Apr 2014, 11:06pm

I saw the Woman in Black at the cinema and loved it and then bough the bluray disc as soon as it came out. I was confused by the bluray version as some scenes seemed to be missing or shortened. I then found that cuts had been made to make sure it could pass as a 12A! Those cuts actually lost some of the scariness for me and I actually felt I'd been cheated when buying it. Why dumb it down and dilute the whole point of the film? Surely they could have had both versions to choose? I believe the US version is in its entirety but is it possible to buy the US version to play in UK bluray players?

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13 Apr 2014, 11:40pm

I'd to read the book and then watch the movie...

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04 Apr 2014, 10:17pm

does anyone know whether this is going to be a Cinema or straight to DVD/Bluray Release. I hope it comes out in the Cinema. BTW I gotta say a big thank you to Hammer Media Company, you have restored my faith back into Horror Movies. All that so called 'Blood Porn' turned me away from the Genre as it was unnecessary. You guys and girls should be proud of bringing UK Horror on the Map.

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23 Mar 2014, 12:00am

Sirs2016. ! I hope Hammer FIilms, will come o8ut with another sequil to 'Woman in Black',in the year I hope become an international classicfilm . I hope it will have a great cast like .'Woman in Black ', HAD ANND SO DID. 'Woman in Black:Angle of Death ',did.

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byron mansfield


04 Mar 2014, 2:50pm

Love this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat what a great plot I wish they made movies like this still. Andre Morell is one of my all time best even if he had a small part in this movie. Andre Morell rocks!

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byron mansfield


04 Mar 2014, 2:38pm

I just got this movie last night what a great movie on the civil war in England. Hammer does great action films the plot was very good location shots, sets, the actors and so on. Look great next to my 88 hammer films. Then I got camp on blood island watching that tonight.

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03 Mar 2014, 8:49pm

I remember this as one of the old favourites , maybe you will be able to help my horror movie search? When I was a young boy, I use to sneak downstairs to watch horror movies whilst my parents slept, tow of the horror movies I watched was and want to see again I cannot seem to find, so if I explained the scenes I remember someone might be able to help me find and purchase the movies? 1, Is the original or I think original version of The Turn Of The Screw, in the ending scenes I remember, the boy, the young master is shouting at the ghost the previous master to go away the ghost dressed in the usual Edwardian/Victorian clothes has great jagged vampire teeth and is standing in what I think is the garden house, telling the ghost master as I said has the most horrific vampire monsterish teeth with his features looking very malevolent and frightening, the boy (the young master) then dies and the governess finds the boy holding him in her arms, he is dead. That is the scene I remember from one of the versions of The Turn Of The Screw, I think it is a black and white version but I am not sure? Can you remember this version and when it was produced so I can get a copy? Thank you . 2, In the scene I remember from the name of the movie I cannot remember, there are a group of witches, during the parts of the horror movie I remember, the witches are having a supernatural witch fight, one witch is at the bottom of an oak banister stair rails she floats down the stairs to fight her opponents witch, in the second scene I remember, the witch in in a bed room, half dressed, the sounds of a clubbed foot draws closer, the witch is kneeling on the floor with her night dress down over her shoulders top her waste, the door sings open and turns to look up at the club foot devil who is hidden from the camera then she the witch says ‘’ I am ready master’’ That is all I remember, can you remember this horror movies it is colour and what it is called and where to get

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19 Feb 2014, 6:48pm

is there a blu ray on region 2 comeing out of twins of evil and vampire curcus.i can only find them on region1. there would be a great seller and after all a lot of hammer films are made in england.and i think a lot of fans would agree.and even better if the hammer blu rays come out region free.

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16 Feb 2014, 8:41pm

The "classic circus rides into town" but with a twist! Awesome characters, unique back drops I agree an oddball vamp classic but a classic is a classic

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13 Feb 2014, 10:38am

Please please, re-publish your old novelizations - Countess Dracula, Lust for a vampire, Scars of Dracula, etc. And how about FAITHFUL novelizations of Dracula, The Vampire lovers, Kiss of the vampire, Gorgon, etc.

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