Prepare never to sleep again…

Features The Nightmares Before Christmas

Think Christmas is about joy and merriment? Think again! Just look at this list of Christmas terrors for proof…

Features The Haunted Airfields of WWII Britain

In the run up to release of THE WOMAN IN BLACK: ANGEL OF DEATH we’re taking a look at the haunted history of Britain’s abandoned WWII airfields…

Features 10 Horror Film Clichés You Didn’t Know You Knew

How many of these horror tropes do you know?

Features 4 Historic Murder Plot Fails

In honour of Guy Fawkes Day, Hammer looks at 4 chilling murder plots which went wrong.

Features What You’re Really Celebrating at Halloween

The terrifying true roots of Halloween…

Features Hammer Films for Dummies

Have you ever posed the question ‘What is a Hammer film’?

Features Peter Cushing – A Top Trump

We love fan art, we love Peter Cushing, and we especially love when someone combines the two.

Features 10 ways to kill a creature of the night

When the eternal battle between Good and Evil comes down to a humble scrap between you and a fiend, use these ten trusty tools to help ensure you give that denizen of the dark its just desserts!

Features What makes the ultimate horror villain?

How to be bad?

Features The World According to Hammer

Through its 295 films and TV episodes Hammer has created monsters, cavemen, castles and crypts. But what if the world was actually like a Hammer film?

Features 10 surprising references to Hammer

All the rage…

Features Hammer – The James Bond Connection

Brands famed for iconic villains and striking actresses…

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